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Crêpes are possibly my favorite food.

I had one beer in my life, I didn’t like it, and that one beer has been my only alcoholic beverage to date. 

I also don't find myself to be motivated by sex, or finding a mate.
So the self deprecating joke explanation I provide is that I’m unknowingly some sort of alien (or perhaps am being un-kowingly controlled by some sort of alien parasite) that gets the same sort of satisfaction out of eating crêpes that normal people get from sex and alcohol.

Writing that may be evoking images of myself going crazy in a restaurant scarfing down crepes like how Ax from “Animorphs” would lose his mind and all semblance of manners and decency whenever he ate cinnamon buns in the mall, but trust me its nothing THAT crazy. I have good table manners, I just enjoy crêpes more than I probably aught to.

But having made enough of a dork of myself, I’ll get back to the point, that being that I love crêpes, but I have no idea how to make them not having my own kitchen, I don’t have anywhere to learn how.

So for the time being I’m relying on other people to make my crepes for me, and here I’m gonna catalog all the different types crêpes I’ve tried along with the restaurant/person/manufacturer who made them!

IHOP Crêpes

Image Credit: JPS68

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